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Because Resilience is Everything

Immersive Labs has pioneered a single enterprise platform that for the first time can measure and evidence the capability of your workforce, as it relates to cyber security. Organizations using Immersive Labs can evidence resilience across the whole workforce, kept up to date at the speed of cyber.

The resilience to keep you safe

You can’t evidence real-time cyber resilience through annual certification or a tenured workforce. Immersive Labs builds resilience across every risk point in the organization, from cyber security, developers and executives to cloud teams—keeping them relevant to breaking threats.

Through Cyber Workforce Optimization (CWO), our single, proprietary SaaS platform, we gain insight into the workforce cyber capabilities at any given time, with the unique ability to measure and bolster cyber knowledge, skills and judgment—enterprise-wide.

Agile cycle develops capabilities—continually

Bottom line—CWO is the world’s first enterprise platform that builds resilience through workforce capabilities. These capabilities never become stale or outdated, thanks to an agile and continuous cycle of Exercise, Evidence and Equip. The result—your organization is ready, resilient and confident.

Cyber Resilience, Readiness, Confidence. Let’s Get Started.

Tour our platform and get hands-on with emerging threats, CTF-style challenges and playable cyber crisis simulations.

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Immersive Labs enables you to evidence your cyber capability, risk and resilience across technical and non-technical teams in one platform. We call this cyber workforce optimization.

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