Assign specific, bespoke learning objectives

With hundreds of labs available, users can plot their own learning journeys through the platform. Our Objectives tool exists to help guide them, and to offer managers more support and insight into their organisation's overall risk posture. Managers can create and assign bespoke Objectives to dictate learning priorities, address specific capability gaps and reduce risk for the whole organisation.
We helped Falanx Cyber to reduce their consultant training time by 33%.

Identify areas of strength and weakness

Crafting individual learning journeys
Our content tackles common cyber skill deficiencies in beginners and intermediate users, while taking experts to the next level by arming them with the latest threat intel and advanced techniques. We align this content to industry-standard frameworks including CyBOK, IISP, NIST-NICE and MITRE ATT&CK. Framework mapping ensures our content meets the needs of today's cyber security teams to keep your organisation ahead of the curve.

Compelling, actionable insights

Promoting informed decisions
The Immersive Labs platform offers insight and analysis to help managers improve their cyber capability and reduce cyber risk. We can provide data on usage, Objective progress, lab completion and Mean Time to Learn, helping to identify where your team are strongest – and where they are weakest.

Reduce your Mean Time to Learn from months to hours

Immersive Labs is designed to reduce your organisation's Mean Time to Learn from months to hours. Our ahead-of-the-headline labs are supported by Objectives and aligned to industry frameworks to ensure your team are equipped with the practical knowledge to handle threats or vulnerabilities within hours – rather than months – of them being discovered.

Reduce your cyber risk by identifying and measuring skills

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