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Align human cyber capabilities to actual cyber risks

A new take on cybersecurity training

To stand prepared against an ever-evolving threat landscape, your organization needs an increasingly skilled cyber workforce. This new take on cybersecurity training aligns human capability to actual cyber risks.

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Tool up your cybersecurity training at the speed of cyber

Our unique approach to human cyber readiness moves your team beyond generic training courses and certifications to interactive skills content that’s directly relevant to the risks you face. Our hands-on experiences empower individuals and teams across your business to build the most relevant cybersecurity expertise and expand those skills in the face of new challenges.


Uncover hidden cybersecurity talent across your organization

Technical teams are full of individuals capable of transitioning into specialized roles in cybersecurity. Immersive Labs is designed to progress users through the concepts, tools, and techniques required for a career in cybersecurity.


Built by experts and powered by the latest intelligence

Our approach to skills development puts tools and techniques used by threat actors in the hands of those tasked with defending against them. Our experts have extensive experience in training blue teams and red teams, law enforcement, and intelligence services.


Track human capabilities in real time

Immersive Labs provides continuous telemetry to help you easily visualize where vital skills might be missing. These leading indicators are then applied to help you quickly create relevant and achievable objectives for teams.

We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.

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