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Zero Point Security: Immersive Labs’ Cyber Range Helps Zero-Point Security Provide Realistic Course Environments and Unlock Pent-up Demand

Organizational Background

Zero-Point Security, LTD is an offensive cyber security training provider dedicated to making Red Teaming knowledge accessible and affordable in a scalable way. Run by Daniel Duggun (@_RastaMouse), ZeroPoint serves a growing base of global customers who are passionate about Zero-Point’s mission and quality course content.


Prior to engaging with Immersive Labs, Zero-Point Security hosted course labs on rented, physical hardware with limited capacity to scale. This required students to share course environments and limited the number of students that could sign up for a course at any given time. Since students practiced Red Teaming techniques in a shared lab, this also resulted in frequent support requests to reset lab machines and verify the environment was functioning properly.

Running the course labs on dedicated hardware also presented deployment and maintenance challenges. Ranges needed to be deployable as code, requiring significant time investments outside of maintaining and developing course content.

Zero-Point needed a solution that would reduce the time, effort, and complexity of deploying course labs which could also work at a large enough scale to provide individual lab environments to students.


Through the Immersive Labs Cyber Range (formerly Snap Labs), Zero-Point Security was able to meet and exceed these challenges. The IML Cyber Range provided Zero-Point with an intuitive platform to quickly replicate their existing range for the CRTO (Certified Red Team Operator) course, and it enabled range deployments in under five minutes without a single line of Infrastructure as Code.

Immersive Labs also provided an API integration to allow existing course registration and payment flows to automatically provision student environments within the Immersive Labs platform. This reduced the amount of additional development needed and provided students with a consistent course registration process.


The IML Cyber Range solution provided a number of benefits to the Zero-Point Security team. Primarily, the solution met the Zero-Point team’s requirements of providing realistic, complex course labs to individual students at scale. By providing individual environments to course students, we also successfully reduced the amount of customer support requests. This had the added benefit of allowing Zero-Point Security the time and focus to develop additional courses (there are several in the works currently), which we’re excited to provide environments for as well!

The previous CRTO lab environment was a limiting factor in the number of course seats Zero-Point was able to sell at any given time. Through Immersive Labs Cyber Ranges, ZeroPoint removed this bottleneck and saw an incredible jump in course registrations. The team is currently hosting course environments for over three times (300%) as many concurrent students as their previous high point. This not only validates the IML Cyber Range capability as reliable at scale, but speaks to the amazing content the Zero-Point Security team has put together.

Case Study

17 February 2022

Industry: Cybersecurity

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