Upskill in seconds with instant access

Discovery, research and experience should never be limited by location or working hours. Our technology empowers users to develop skills through on-demand bite-sized courses.

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Experience simulated threats and breach scenarios

Applying game mechanics to cyber skills development keeps teams motivated and engaged. Live leaderboards encourage healthy competition.

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Align skills development to the latest threat intelligence

Turn threat intelligence into actionable, practical and applicable knowledge that reduces your organisation’s exposure to emerging threats.

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Map your organisation’s cyber skills directly to your security strategy

Use frameworks to visualise the skills in your cyber security teams, and map them to the risk factors most relevant to your business.

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Available through any browser 24/7 so your team can learn anytime, anywhere.
Real-time threat content
Fresh content developed by experts as threats emerge and delivered within hours.
Rapid mean time to learn
Enable your team to understand and experience threats in hours rather than months.
Total visibility
Track progress in real time and map team capabilities to industry frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and NIST NICE.

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  • Complete training objectives from anywhere and on any device.
  • Maximise engagement with challenge-based skills development.
  • Skill up on emerging threats driven by the latest threat intelligence.
  • Map skills with your risk profile and security strategy of your organisation.
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