Skills development at the speed of cyber

New threats are uncovered every day, the pace of cyber security demands rapid and ongoing development of skills. Immersive Labs instantly delivers bite-sized training content to upskill teams.


From novice to security ninja

1 in 5 cyber security professionals join the industry from a different sector, proving that those with the right talents can transition. Immersive Labs provides pathways for skills development to equip capable individuals to become cyber security experts.


Equipping your teams on their terms

Modern workforces aren’t nine to five and three quarters of employees want to learn in their own time. Our platform is entirely browser-based, giving teams the flexibility to upskill at evenings, weekends, and wherever works for them.

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  • Complete training objectives from anywhere and on any device.
  • Maximise engagement with challenge-based skills development.
  • Skill up on emerging threats driven by the latest threat intelligence.
  • Map skills with your risk profile and security strategy of your organisation.
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