Upskill at the speed of cyber

New threats are uncovered every day, the pace of cyber security demands rapid and ongoing development of skills. Immersive Labs instantly delivers bite-sized training content to upskill teams.

Developed with world-class threat intelligence providers

Our expert team of threat content developers leverage partnerships with leading threat intelligence companies. Their intelligence combined with OSINT translates to practical and applicable knowledge for your security teams.

Get hands on new threats and tactics within hours

Once new threats are identified we rapidly build and deploy relevant training to our interactive learning environment. So instead of wading through pages of PDF reports your team can get hands on in a safe sandboxed environment.

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  • Complete training objectives from anywhere and on any device.
  • Maximise engagement with challenge-based skills development.
  • Skill up on emerging threats driven by the latest threat intelligence.
  • Map skills with your risk profile and security strategy of your organisation.
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