Immersive Intelligence provides users with hands-on experience of emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. Our experts develop the very latest threat intelligence feeds, vulnerability research and security blogs into browser-based online labs, enabling incident response teams to learn how to deal with new and evolving threats in a safe environment, within hours of them being discovered.

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Latest threat intel blog

Our latest threat intelligence blog
APT10 - Quasar RAT Analysis
On 20th December 2018, the NCSC released an updated report on the threat actor APT10 (following their 29th August 2018 report). APT10, a known threat actor since 2009, targets defence, healthcare, aerospace, mining and other industries...

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We work with the very best to make this a reality

We partner with global leaders in the threat intelligence arena including Digital Shadows.
Examples of Immersive Intelligence Labs co-created with Digital Shadows include:
Learn how North Korean hackers broke into the entertainment, energy, and banking industries and investigate their techniques using real tools and capabilities.

200 points | Practical | 30 minutes | Technical II
Look at the practical implementations of the Australian Signals Directorates ‘Essential Eight’ controls to defend effectively against sophisticated techniques in use today.

100 points | Practical | 30 minutes | Technical I
Look at how Credential Theft is carried out, and learn the common tools and approaches employed by attackers to maximize their success in breaching targets.

200 points | Practical | 30 minutes | Technical II
In this lab, we'll be taking a look at how a SOC Manager of a retail bank discovered that customer credit card numbers were being traded online, and the proactive approach they took to preventing fraud.

100 points | Practical | 30 minutes | Technical I
A new strain of spyware, MobSTSPY, was discovered inside six different Android applications – all of which could be downloaded from the Google Play Store. In this lab, investigate various APK files and extract useful data related to MobSTSPY.

200 points | Practical | 60 minutes | Technical II
APT10, a known threat actor since 2009, targets defence, healthcare, aerospace, mining and other industries. APT10 has principally used the remote access trojan (RAT) Quasar RAT to steal data. This lab will allow you to get hands on with the RAT and learn how it operates.

300 points | Practical | 60 minutes | Technical III
"Threat intelligence has quickly become a priority for enterprises as they fight potential security incidents across multiple vectors. Through our partnership with Immersive Labs, we’re now offering the ability to realise further benefits from that intelligence by increasing the skills of security teams and reducing their Mean Time to Learn."
James Chappell, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Digital Shadows

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