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Fast and agile

Stay ahead of the curve
Our experts ensure that when the threat landscape evolves, your team does too – enabling challenges to be handled within hours of them arising.
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Keep your team on track
Addictive game mechanics such as leaderboards and rewards keep users coming back, while customised learning activities and resources fulfil their individual needs.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere
You can access our platform anytime, anywhere through a web browser, from any device and without the need for additional software, plugins or private networks.

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Real-life content

Applicable to the challenges your organisation faces
From knowledge and awareness labs on spear phishing through to technical labs on headline-hitting malware, we have content for everyone.

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Immersive Intelligence

Our latest threat intelligence blog
Exploiting SS7 to intercept text messages

By exploiting inherently insecure Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) networks, attackers can intercept and divert texts sent as 2FA. In some cases, these text messages contain codes used to authorise bank transfers, meaning interception could spell financial disaster for the victim...

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