CyberX Africa Exercise 2019

Today, across six Commonwealth nations, representatives from the banking community will be working together to face a simulated cyber event. The exercise will focus on understanding the business impacts of the event, as well as information sharing and communication protocols within financial services. The aim of the game: to minimise the impact of this event on your bank and understand the implications of your decisions.

How it works

Using the Immersive Labs platform, you will be presented with a series of decisions within the simulated cyber event. Working together with representatives from other participating organisations, you have a limited amount of time to decide how to respond to each scenario. Your group will be supported by an experienced facilitator, who will help with eliciting decisions, time keeping, and recording responses. While there are no right or wrong answers, some decisions may produce better outcomes than others. Once you have collectively chosen your response, you will see its impact on your bank’s funding and liquidity, market confidence, share price, and reputation. As well as working in a group, you will also be able to complete the activity as an individual, so you can record your own responses anonymously.

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