33% reduction in consultant training time


London, UK

Provide consultants with skills, knowledge and experience via cybersecurity upskilling solution

Reduce the time before consultants can perform chargeable work

Reduce the time that senior experts spend training and supporting

Consultants were engaged and motivated to complete their training

Reduced the time required to prepare consultants for fee-earning work by 33%

Reduced the impact on senior expert time

Improved quality of work produced by consultants
Business background
Falanx Cyber Defence delivers a complete end-to-end managed service that includes threat detection, risk management, security monitoring and incident response. Their customers range from SMEs through to FTSE 100 companies.
"We have augmented our onboarding process with Immersive Labs. Consultants have found the gamification aspect of the platform a fun and engaging way to improve their skills and compete with their fellows."
Mike McLaughlin, Head of Assess at Falanx Cyber
Due to the continued success of its cybersecurity consultancy service, Falanx Cyber – like many in the industry – has decided to invest in developing its cybersecurity consultants by providing them with an intensive upskilling programme. Each consultant must acquire technical skills and knowledge across a wide range of cybersecurity topics before they are considered qualified for customer-facing, chargeable work – this typically takes three months. Once consultants have received the prerequisite training, they are available for fee-earning work.

During this time, these staff members often rely heavily on the support of senior members of staff, potentially distracting them from other fee-earning work.
A group of new hires were provided with access to the Immersive Labs online platform for the duration of the upskilling process and were set the objective of developing their cybersecurity skills in topics such as infrastructure, web application and API security.
"Immersive Labs has reduced our consultant onboarding time from three months to two months."
Mike McLaughlin, Head of Assess at Falanx Cyber
Thanks to Immersive Labs’ real-time cyber skills development system, the consultants found it easy to upskill by accessing hundreds of labs within the browser and were motivated to challenge themselves further by the gamified content.

As a result, Falanx Cyber noticed an improvement in the quality of work and a reduction in the amount of time required to upskill its consultants, with each consultant able to confidently perform chargeable work one month sooner than previous new hires. The way that Immersive Labs encourages users to research topics and experiment with solutions also meant that the new hires relied less on senior experts for information and guidance, freeing them up for further chargeable work.
"For Falanx Cyber, this means we are able to utilize our consultants’ skills with our customers sooner."
Mike McLaughlin, Head of Assess at Falanx Cyber
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