$65,000 saved


London, UK

Improve SOC analyst training efficiency without relying on physical cyber range
Save time and money on SOC analysts’ cyber skills development

$65,000 in setup costs and over 600 man-hours saved on cybersecurity training in just one year
SaaS cybersecurity skills platform available to use within an hour of purchase
Business background
BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, with operations in 180 countries. It provides converged internet, networked IT, TV and mobile services to local, national and international customers.
"Immersive Labs is so easy to set up. Within an hour of purchasing, our SOC analysts were already learning new skills."
Craig Gonzales, Head of Ethical Hacking Operations
BT is also one of the world’s leading cybersecurity providers, with 3,000 specialists around the globe securing BT’s network to protect its own operations as well as its customers’ networks. Its global portfolio of 15 Security Operations Centers protects BT against 125,000 cyber-attacks per month, and provides cybersecurity solutions and services to consumers, governments and businesses, including some of the world’s largest companies.

To provide a world-class service, BT Security invests in cybersecurity training to ensure its security staff are well versed in dealing with the latest threats. BT Security sought a cybersecurity skills development solution that would allow for more efficient training of its SOC analysts, without the need to build a costly internal cyber range.

BT Security provided several of its cybersecurity analysts with access to the Immersive Labs digital cyber platform. This included access to pre-configured learning environments, relevant security tools, guided learning, and ‘Immersive Originals’ Capture the Flag (CTF) labs, which replicate complex real-world challenges.

Users could access the SaaS platform at any time, on any modern connected device – the only requirements being an Internet connection and web browser. This allowed security professionals to immediately get to grips with practical challenges in a virtual environment, without the need for setup, configuration or senior staff oversight.

The gamified labs offered guided learning and encouraged healthy competition among staff to support cyber skills development.

"Immersive Labs provides unrivalled value when it comes to the development of cyber skills."
The typical annual cost of a physical, internal cyber range is $65,000, with additional salary costs associated with overseeing the course. Senior security staff would contribute at least two months’ work to support the training activity, totalling over 600 man-hours.

BT Security therefore saved on the capital outlay for physical equipment and staff costs by providing the Immersive Labs platform to its SOC analysts.
"Traditional, more costly offerings simply can’t compete with the breadth of content available on Immersive Labs."
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