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Reducing training costs

"Immersive Labs is so easy to set up. Within an hour of purchasing, our SOC analysts were already learning new skills... Immersive Labs provides unrivalled value when it comes to the development of cyber skills."
Craig Gonzales, Head of Ethical Hacking Operations
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"There is a critical shortage of cyber professionals across the globe. Existing cyber professionals need to keep their skills sharp... Immersive Labs provides an innovative solution for training new cyber professionals and honing the skills of existing professionals."
Andy Ozment, Global CISO at Goldman Sachs

Improving incident response and prevention

"Immersive Labs has definitely increased our competency... and has improved our ability to investigate incidents, understand threats and tune our controls to prevent them."
Steve Townsley, SOC Manager at Transport for London
"We’ve found Immersive labs to be fun, useful, and accessible for all levels, with its CTF style of labs and training materials that match the attacker TTPs. Our security operations team uses it to better understand and practice techniques favoured by threat actors in a controlled environment."
Darshan Raghwani, SOC Manager at Sophos Cyber Security Services

Reducing Mean Time to Learn

"We’ve augmented our consultant onboarding process with Immersive Labs. Consultants have found the gamification aspects of the Immersive Labs platform a fun and engaging way to improve their skills and compete with fellow consultants."
Mike McLaughlin, Head of Assess at Falanx Cyber
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"Immersive Labs have been an integral part to our analyst training programme. We have found the practical, hands-on approach to learning has had a real impact on the engagement and meaningful progression to our analysts career paths. The approach is refreshing, learner led and I have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a growing team to try their platform."
James Chappell, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Office at Digital Shadows

Increasing engagement with continuous learning

"Immersive Labs is helping us with our continuous security training for all of our analysts... We viciously monitor the leaderboard and we have people who, within minutes of knowing that someone has overtaken them on the leaderboard, will then spend the next hour or two on the platform to leave the other person in their wake!"
Iain Ashall, SOC Team Lead at ITC Secure
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